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Kerry Louise Psychic medium Testimonials

Alan Carter Spiritualist Healer creator of  


Im so very greatful that you have taken the time out to give me a couple readings. Everything that you have said has been true and I am curtain that you are the best psychic ever. Thanks hunni your the best .... Toni Leigh.


I have had a rather emotional reading with Kerry Louise over the phone. She has helped me to come to terms with the loss of a loved one and brought so much comfort to me . Just knowing that they are always there is wonderful. Thank you Kerry ...... Shelly Muir.


Just brilliant, the way you picked up and knew I had 2 cats even though I only showed you a photo of Stanley. You were spot on with their personalities & can't believe how you knew they werent getting on when Stanley returned. It was fasincinating to hear what Stanley had been up to on his travels. Highly Recommended....... Julie Smith.


Have had 2 readings now and each one has been what I can only term " mind blowing " accurate in everyway .... Even down to the " Angie perm " xxx ....... Cathie Gillespe

I have recommended you to sooooo many people and I contiune to do so. I have recieved readings in person. Reiki and witnessed yu communicating with my pooch, Osho and my nieces dog Roxy. Plus had lots of advice and now we have a great freiendship!! .. Vanessa Wilkinson Huges.

I had a lovely reading from you which was very thought provoking & my grandad came through. Your healing is also very much appreciated... Emma Perry 

My reading from you was enlightening Full of proof and Love... Allison Scott.

i've had a reading with you and animal communication and both were excellent so I will definatley recommend you.... Kim truscott.

Hi, Kerry Just like to thank you for the reading you gave me last night . It was very comforting that you managed to link up with Craig my nephew and nice to know he is around me most of the time. I will be in touch for another reading WOW amazing Thank you Neil ... Neil.

You have helped my back lots of times and helped Shona when she was a foal. A kind geniune person love you loads xxx Karen Dawe Lauders

I've had a couple of readings with Kerrylouise  so far. All I can say is everything was spot on and she took a milestone of my shoulders by connecting me with my loved ones.She is so caring and warmhearted and I am so grateful to know I can "phone" my family up in heaven at any time through her and that gives me peace...  Yvette Dowd.

 Dear Kerry Louise
I would like to thank you for the amazing reading I had with you 
Everything that you said was true it really touch me in the good way and it also help me to focus more and understand what was happening around me you also answered all my question and worries .
I would truly and honestly recommend you 200% this is what I called a gifted medium .
You are worth every penny and very affordable .
I will be back for more .
Take care what a lovely lady you are
xxxxxxxxxxx  Camille

  Highly recommended psychic medium, had beautiful messages from my dad. I have had a lot of readings in my time but this one was good! Mark Micheal

I have just had my reading with Medium Kerry Louise. She is absolutely awesome! She described my aternal granddad down to a T,although he died when I was 5 and ...didn't talk about him ever, although I have fond memories, adored him. She told me a lot of details I was so surprised to hear from her and the reading went really well. I learned a lot about myself in the process also. Kerry isn't one to tell you only nice things. She will point out things to work on as well, but she does it in such a loving, positive manner that you feel absolutely safe with her. I am so grateful for her reading, it was awesome and I cannot recommend her highly enough! She is an angel come to earth to spread love and wisdom and help you grow. THANK YOU,

Tirza Tirzalishezz Schaefer

Kerry , Eilis and myself want to thank you a thousand times for the wonderful reading you gave us both. We waited so long to know if our loved ones were at peace and thanks to you, you confirmed this. You have an amazing gift and you go out of your way to give people the answers they long to hear. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we send you lots of love and a thousand blessings xx


Had a reading last week . I was very happy with the respect kerry gave me and opened my eye to my self my ,life feels lighter and brighter ( im sorry my mum came through and gave kerry little peace lol ) cant wait to have one done in the future. There were things that i never told any one that she knew and she doesnt judge. Simon Crocker.


I felt drawn to Kerry Louise. Kerry Louise, is very caring and gentle and my reading was positive and insightful. I was left feeling clearer.Kerry Louise put me at ease and was genuine. In fact I'm due to have another reading soon!  Becky Wake.


Kerry is great. Very calm and reassuring. Only says good things and fills me with hope whenever i speak with her. She has read for me, my mum, my dogs and horses and i'd recommend her any time. You have nothing to worry about when you have a reading with her Xx. Sarah Hall.


Kerry Louise is a very gifted and spiritual lady. I have had several readings with her and source certainly favours her --- readings spot on every time xxxx. Theresa Kerr


Just had a reading with Kerry and she has given me some clarity and advice which I need to take up! Lovely lady. Lisa Evans.


Please can you all take note of this wonderful lady Kerry Louise. My horse passed in January and it was sudden I had no idea how it happened. Well she made contact to him from a photo I sent. And he contacted her and told me incredible things only I know. It's affordable and such a beautiful gift. Please if you are stuck for birthdays, Christmas or just a gift for animal lovers I highly recommend you Kerry! I'm overwhelmed! I have recommended you to all my customers! Valentina Francis. 



I had a animal communication reading off Kerry Louise, my daughters horse died suddenly in our field and it was bugging us that we wanted to know if he was happy, how did I happened. She came back with remarkable things, we learnt lots about him when he was a foal til now when he's forever with us. This has brang such peace to us as a family, to know he is happy always with us and that he can remember every little detail of his young years even who was with him when he had to be put to sleep. Incredible incredible woman, I can't wait to have a group communication she's brang me such happiness I no longer feel in sorrow of his loss he was very special but thanks to Kerry he's alway with us! -Tracey Francis

 Kerry Louise. You have told me things that you could never of known  for example what I tried to do for my dog Honey when I found her. You mentioned so many validations that I have confirmed.I have read through your message again and want to confirm some other points. I do know an Alan in spirit - going back many years. Also, when Honey mentioned "growing pains" I would assume she was referring to the puppies growing inside her. I also assume the sickness she referred to was related to her pregnancy. It is also funny that she refers to me "rabbiting" to her because I used to say she was having bunny rabbits (Easter babies). This is from the first part of your communication before I had explained to you what had happened. xx Jean Ann Longley.

My mum was so impressed and is feeling comforted by her reading! Will definitely be booking Kerry Louise again if not for mum definitely for me!
Thank you so much xx Kimberley  Mary Collins.


Thank you Kerry for the great readings and the house clearing . The whole house feels lighter and happier now.x Charmaine Blewett.


Was lovely to meet you & thankyou for clarifying some ideas we had about dear Charlie's past ect, x Kathy Bowden