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Spirit medium | Pet psychic | Animal Communicatior | Reiki Master

My work



I specialise in connecting with those in Spirit. Animal communication. Psychic development & Reiki. Below you can see me with previous clients. But first more about my work. 

I do not use cards. I am a natural born psychic spirit medium and have worked with spirit all of my life.

I have been giving readings and animal communication since my early childhood.

I am a member of the National Spiritualist Church and the Spiritualist Workers Association. I have gained platform mediumship status by preforming my gifts to many various people over a long period (throughout my life )  and after many years of working with spirit and perfecting my mind energy.

I raise funds for various charity’s and animal rescue centres please email if you have a charity that could benefit from my help. 

I mentor many over the years who have been drawn to me.

In 2007 After a series of personal events I expanded my natural gifts further and took up studying mind energy. Working on and expanding my own. I studied meditation, universal energy, visualization, astral travel and much more

In 2009. My journey with Reiki began I expanded my natural healing gifts and became attuned and learnt the teachings and study of USUI and Tibetan Reiki working my way up from level 1 beginner of Reiki, to level 2 Practitioner   of Reiki and then completed my level 3 of Reiki Mater / teacher in 2012 3 years later.

In 2014 after many years of giving readings and animal communication in person. I created this website to give proffessional phone readings and  as a platform for my online spiritual store . I gave healings and posted blogs

Also in 2014 I set up my Facebook Page for my fans where I post daily. Where I freely give demonstrations of mediumship and daily quotes, help and advice.

In the summer of 2015 I took things further. I put up a post on my Facebook page offering my services in person for free. I offered to come and meet people in their homes for free, at events and so on and their animals to. I wanted to meet my fans in person. To walk my walk and help all that I could.  Luckily There was a huge response.  I spent the whole of the summer (6 weeks) travelling around Devon and Cornwall for free. Using my time and money. I gave free animal communication at various livery yards, private yards, public events and in people’s homes. I gave free readings with spirit in people’s homes, public and private events and I gave free Reiki treatments. I did this to help people and animals first and foremost, esp. those who had never been to see someone like me before and I did this to prove my work, that there is life after death. That animals can and do communicate to and not all psychics and mediums work the same.  I have made a name for myself for which I am very proud!






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To have a reading with me over the phone. Payment / booking is required first through the website check out then call me on 07728727703  with your reciept invoice number and a reading over the phone will then be given.

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Join me and my team. Work at Kerry Louise psychic guidance

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Work at Kerry Louise Psychic Guidance.

Support and assistance from me 24/7.

I will help you build your own clientele as well access to existing clients.

Work your own hours as a self-employed operator from your own home

Excellent rates of pay.

Payments to you via bank transfer for your hours worked on a regular basis.

Your own promotional profile with your own pin number

Access to clients on some of the busiest Psychic networks in the world.

Freedom to work ANY hours you wish without a schedule or rota enforced

No maximum or minimum hours required

No evening, night or weekend enforcement (Like many other providers)

Your only commitment is that you work in a professional, ethical, friendly loving and unjudgmental manner, giving a high standard reading to new and existing customers from around the UK and worldwide.


Tirza Schaefer - A very good friend of mine for a few years now. who does the most amazing divine writting . A teacher . A healer. My friend and soul sister . Her work will uplift and inspire you.

Alan Carter- Alan is a very good friend who I have known for a number of years . A very talented spiritualist , medium and healer and the creator of Astral Unity which is an online church and spiritual organisation. I love the work that Alan does and know that you will to Online spiritual magazine created and run by my good dear friend who has a soul so true Michelle Johnstone Bucknell. The magazine is full of love , energy and fun as well as sharing more serious spiritual topics ..

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