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here below you will find the most frequent asked questions and more things in detail.

Q- How Do I give Online readings when I am not speaking to clients?

A- It is pretty simple really. We are all connected to and made up of energy. Everything in the universe is energy. Psychics and mediums are able to connect to that energy just by thought, known as mind energy. So we do not need to physically see someone to tap into their energy to give a reading. Those that are in spirit are of the exact same universal energy as ourselves, so again just by thought and connection to a client. I am able to bring forth messages from those that are in spirit to you. Spirit are very aware, they hear and see everything. They know when you are thinking of or are coming for a reading so they arrive at the same time as you do and make that connection. I allow spirit to connect/ work with me to bring their messages to you. Okay so how does that information then get passed to you online. Again it is pretty simple really. Each online reading is given live in messages. As the information comes through I type it down for you on my laptop so you are reading it as I type. Throughout the live reading I will ask you if you have any questions for me , so you do get to ask what you wish to know etc. I do not require any information from you. It is I who is to pass information on and that all comes with validation.-

Q- Do I use Tarot cards or any other type of "tools" . A- NO. I do not use any tools to connect to spirit to give psychic readings. As a natural born medium. I do not need anything to help me out-

Q- What is a Medium . A-  I have explained the differences between mediums and psychics in my blog page . The two are very different indeed and yet similliar  and many people do not realise this or get confused. Okay so back to mediumship and what is a medium. Mediums are ordinary people who are just born able to communicate with the spirit world naturally and then through training if they wish to go on and devolop their natiral gifts even further. There are 3 types of medimship, mental, psychical and healing. The reason for so many forms of mediumship is bacause our friends in the spirit world will use whatever means they can get through to help us to understand the truth of everlasting life. There is no death only change.

Q- Can anyone be psychic or a medium?. A- When we are born, we are all born with various degreses of psychic  gifts and some of us even mediumship. which I have gone into more detail on my blog page. As we grow for one reason or another many of these gifts lay dormant and are often igorned, even the most basic one, which is our intution. Often known as gut feeling.  Good news is that we can reopen these natural gifts at any time with psychic deveolopement. Not everyone is born a natrual medium though.

Q- What is Reiki and how is it preformed? A-  I could take up many pages and go on all day explaining  and going into much detail about Reiki and how it all works. For more details  I have written up blogs on my blog page. But for here I shall keep it simple. Reiki is a natural healing energy activated by intention. It works on every level , not just the physical. The practise of Reiki is an orginal method of healing, going back to the begining of our excistance, deveolped by Mikao Usui in Japen early in the 20th century. The Japenese word Reiki simply means " universal energy " which is also often known as  life force energy "  Eastern medicine has always recognised and worked with this energy, which flows throughout all living things and is vital to well being known as " Ki " in Japen " Chi " in China and " prana " in India. Acupuncture , Tai Chi and Yoga are also based on the same free - flow energy  in a person.  Reik is none - invasive , gentle yet very powerful, and may be used with confidence , alongside orthodox healthcare. As such it expands treatment options. Reiki is not , however an alternative to convential medicine. You should always therfore consult a GP about acute or infectious conditions and in connections with problems of an urgent nature. Reiki energy comes out from the palm of a practitioners hands and as the practitioner moves his or her hands around the body working within a persons aura healing is being sent by removing old sick negative energy energy and replacing it with Reiki for more imformation please read my blog page.