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About Me

Read all about Kerry the owner of this website, the psychic medium and animal communicator and how it all came to be .

Kerry is owner of this website which she created to give uplifting and inspiring readings and animal communication with a personal aim to prove that you can have a highly professional reading at an affordable price from real genuine psychics who actually know each other. Who use real names and provide real pictures. Everyone  who gives readings on this website is a personal friend of Kerry's.  She has lovingly been given the title of  "  The Peoples Psychic "  by her adoring fans.

Read below to get a sense of why. Read about Kerry's background and her life experiences. Both as a person and a psychic spirit medium.

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 Kerry's Background ...

Kerry was born in the Southwest of England. Not far from Stonehenge, infact only next door . She comes from a long line of strong, Celtic, psychic  women. With a family crest / motto which reads Spec melioris aevi, which translates into “The hope of a better age ". This has always been the driving force, behind everything that Kerry stands for. And everything, that she does in life. Kerry has spent her whole entire life working with spirit, helping people and animals to help themselves, by tapping into their own inner power and by educating others on the power of the mind, and by proving that there is indeed life after death. It is all within us. If only we know how to use it.. Kerry taps into this knowledge to give her readings.

Kerry spent much of her childhood moving around the world with her family due to her fathers job. Which is why spirit , has played such an important role in her life. Kerry was a lonely child with an unhappy upbringing for most of her younger years. Spirit have always been there, the one constant in Kerry's life and with Kerry through all the hard times . Kerry spent a lot of her time with spirit. They were, and still are, some of her very best friends, who she can rely on, and trust. Kerry was also close to her grandparents on her mothers side, who would often come and visit , to look after Kerry and her sisters. Where ever they were, in the world. she was always closest to her mums father, who was a very spiritual person and psychic . Kerry came to learn later on in life after he passed. She was also close to her great grandmother on her dad’s side who was a strong psychic medium, just as his mother was and hers before her. It is from them and the family before, where the Celtic bloodline comes from. Kerry was not close to her parents, nor her sisters. Kerry has always been very sensitive and in tune. To other people, and, the world around her. She was often ridiculed by them, for being to sensitive. Kerry's mother was very cruel. Which turned Kerry into a quiet child. Who very quickly, learnt to keep things that only she could know to herself . Kerry;s father was away most of the time with his work. Kerry's parents didn’t like to talk about such stuff. What Kerry knew scared them,. At that time they didn't want to know Kerry's gifts, and her connection to the spirit world. It  was ignored by them ( it had skipped their generation) Kerry was often in trouble for knowing things, that she just couldnt possibly know, nor understand. Only Kerry's grandparents understood. It is Kerry's grandmother, who Kerry now refers to as her mother. She has been the one to bring her up,and, who she would turn to in times of need. It was kerry's grandmother who brought her up alongside her grandfather. For they understood Kerry. They took Kerry under their wing.

Kerry's first happy memory and spirit encounter was that of a cat, when she was just 3 years old.  She would always be speaking to this cat and just assumed that everybody else could see him, to the annoyance and upset of her  parents. Her  dad being the kind of tough guy that he was , liked to ignore the fact that Kerry was like others in the family before him. He was in some sort of denial,  and Kerry's  mother a was none believer back then. (  She has since changed her tune and she is a believer now. )   Their denial was so strong that Kerry's  mum went out one day and came  back home a “real “ yorkshire terrier dog named snoops. He was an animal that her parents  could actualy see and touch for themselves , unlike the cat that lived on in spirit and others in spirit. She thought back then if she brought home a real dog then the  “imaginary friend “would soon go. How wrong she was and how little did she know.

Kerry found out from very early on, that she had such a strong connection with animals, both alive and passed. Another memory of Kerry's was when she was around 4 she told her mother and sister that a rat had just passed in the basement of their home whilst they were all  upstiars at the time,  in the living room watching tv. Her mother insisted it was all rubbish and that there wasnt any rats down there. Kerry insisted that it was true  and,  even went down to the basement to where she knew this rat had just  passed. Picked it up and carried it back up  the steps, to show her mother, to prove to her. That it was indeed, actually true. Well her mother wasnt best pleased and Kerry was in trouble , the start of many times just like it.

 Kerry was born highly sensitive and empathic towards  animals. They all  became Kerry's  friends. Kerry was always bringing home stray cats or dogs, they would follow her  home and friend’s pets would always come over and sit with Kerry, and she  would tell them, what their animals had said to her . She would sit with them for hours and communicate without words. In later years Kerry learnt that this method of  communication is called telepathy. Kerry could also see  people’s pets who had passed and would tell their owners. Kerry has always been able to sense,  to see images of  when an animal or person is alive or ,  in the spirit world,  Weather they would be in pain, or if any of them were , sad or happy. Kerry's  thoughts  just tune in to them and an image would form her mind  mind’s eye even if she was nowhere near them. Kerry would receive  images and knowledge of their feelings and thoughts and know that they were in pain, sick sad or whatever and tell the person involved only for it to be confirmed  by the animals owners, then or days later. Kerry would often as a child just cry if she  was near anmals or humans in pain, because she always knew and sensed what they were ging through and their sadness and words upset her deeply. Empathic children suffer the upset of others so much. It is as though they are living it themselves . 

Kerry's psychic ablity always got her into trouble as a child , she always knew things. Kerry knew stuff that she shouldn't. Or couldn't know. Kerry would say things before they happened , Kerry knew family secrets which to this day. She has hated knowing. And over the years,  many of these well known hidden secrects. Have all came to be true. And some, they are now in the open, some still remain hidden to all but Kerry. Kerry knew when people were lying , she knew what was going to happen. Knowing other peoples dirty secrets can make you pull away from them , Kerry would instantly take a like or dislike to someone or some situations  depending on what she  knew psychically, and what  she picked up on.This caused fricton throughout her life also . You try being a young child with all this psychic knowledge , empathy  and connection to spirit and not being able to express or explain it, other than. You just know. In a world where your parents dismiss it and you know things about people that make you see another side to them, one which you dont wish to see. It can be a lonely world. And for Kerry. It was very much like  that, for  most of the time . 

Kerry's connection to spirit also landed her in trouble a few times. Her parents would often  run upstairs to see , who she would be talking to. Of course, they never saw those in spirit, like Kerry. Kerry soon kept those spirit interactions to herself . Spirit have kept Kerry company in a lonely world. At school Kerry never felt that she belonged , always moving from one place to another. Never really settling anywhere. She was the victim of bullying. A quiet, shy child,  who kept her spirit friends to herself  out of fear of being seen as the odd child even more.

 When Kerry turned 9 years old. Her parents divorced . Kerry, her mother and sisters moved closer to be near Kerry's mum's parents. And life , for once seemed more settled for Kerry who was very happy to be spending more time with them. fFnally a place to settle, and put down some roots. Kerry's friendship with her guides and spirit remained as strong as ever with Kerry learning new things from them everyday. Just like the time when she was around 10 years old. Kerry at that time had two spirit guides named black jack and ace and those  two spirit guides at that time taught her, how to use an old necklace as a pendulum!  Of course Kerry, had absolutley  no real idea of what it was , nor what  was going on. She just knew that it was a game that her two spirit guides had taught her, which was one of many. It was fun and Kerry liked that she  could get a yes or no answer to anything that she  wanted to ask, by holding up the necklace and asking. Kerry remebers how black jack would always be the joker of those two guides and ace would always tell her the truth and for many years they stayed with Kerry. They then left and others came in and took their place . We always have many different guides throughout out different stages in our life,  for many different reasons. To teach, to heal, to support , to guide and so on . No one alive showed Kerry how to do this. It was all the work of those two spirit guides who worked with Kerry. They just  guided her to pick up an old tatty necklace and palyed the game. Many people to this day use pendulums to give readings and for their own personal use. Pendulums are a powerful tool and as Kerry found out. Can be lots of fun. Around the same time give or take a few months , Kerry's great grandmother was in hospital dying from cancer. She has never spoken to Kerry of pendulums or anything of that nature. Being a natural born Psychic Medium, she never used such things herself . After a few weeks in hospital. She passed away. Which  Kerry found very hard to deal with. She went into herself a little bit more , feeling more alone with no one to talk to.  Yet  she knew that she would always remain with her and she has. Kerry's great grandmother has taught Kerry many things and has stayed with her through thick and thin. To this day Kerry's great grandmother still  helps guide Kerry when needed alongside her grandfather. Who you will learn more about, further on down the page.  As Kerry grew, she contiu